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Cixi Riyi is an electronic products manufacturer that produces metallized polypropylene film capacitor (metalized membrane capacitor), ignitor (trigger) and electronic ballast, the film capacitor is major products, including all types of lighting capacitors, AC motor capacitors, ceiling fan capacitors, explosion-proof capacitors and washing machine capacitors.

Features less spoilage, very small dissipation factor, light weight, small inherent temperature rise, excellent self-healing stability, good capacitance stability, safety and high reliability. Riyi can supply different capacitor to customers ......

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CBB60 AC Motor Running Capacitors

CBB61 Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors

CBB65 Explosion-Proof Capacitors

CBB80 Lamp Capacitors (Lighting Capacitors)

Offers metallized polypropylene membrane capacitor, including all types of A.C. ...

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Electronic Ignitor

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Quality Control for Capacitors
Capacitor UL ApprovalRiyi Capacitor has advanced testing equipment for fault analysis and product full-function inspections. Our experienced engineers ......

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Capacitor Other Popular Name
Film capacitor is general name. Metallized polypropylene membrane capacitor is full name for our film capacitors, but it is usually also called metalized polypropylene film capacitor (short for film capacitor). if it is applied for motor, it will be simple called electric motor capacitor.
Application of Film Capacitors
Metallized polypropylene film capacitor is applied to air-condition, electromotor, water pump, air compressor.

Polypropylene pellicle capacitor is applied for motor running to washing machine, mini type electromotor, air-blower, fanner, electromotion device, water pump.

Metallized concrescence capacitor is suitable for lamps and lanterns and so on. it is also called lighting capacitor.

Meanwhile, Riyi produces parallel plate capacitor, single-phase capacitor, interference suppression capacitor for special purpose.

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